We are now on page 8 of 365. I am not sure if 2014 is in a hurry as well or what.

Anyway, we can’t deny the fact that we are where we are now. And so, they say that it’s the year of the horse which is least of my concerns. One thing i know for sure is it is OUR year, not of horses; if you know what i mean here.

My 2013 was complex. Looking back, I realized that not much has changed. I still wreck myself out at work five days a week, having almost the same stuff during my precious rest days, and yes, almost the same people around me. There were some additions though.

The reason why i am writing this is to let you know who made my 2013 worthy to remember. And here, I will call them MY YEARMAKERS.

The list is random. I just write whoever crosses my mind and when that person does so, that means he or she is significant to me,therefore, is a part of my yearmakers.


Yes. That’s my mother. Nobody else. She always makes ends meet and that makes her a superwoman in my eyes. She is the most hardworking person I know. Everyday she does the same work just like I do but her burden is so much heavier than mine. Yes, heavier burdens YET she is the one who initiates happiness at home. Her smile is a blessing; heaven-sent and a treasure to keep.

Coming home after a day of work is such a reward, knowing that a woman of substance, of unbelievable strength and wisdom whose smile is contagious is gonna welcome me. Really priceless.

By the way, her name is Estela, and she made my year. Thanks, ma.


He pertains to my father who has been facing a tough battle for quite a long time now. My only wish for him is to be completely healed and be in good shape again.

It saddens me whenever i see him suffer from the illness that those doctors we’ve seen haven’t really identified as to what it really is.

We’ve also tried to see faith healers but nothing worked out. I can feel that, at some point in his life, he started to be hopeless.

If i can only bring him to the best doctor in the world, i definitely would, without any iota of second thoughts.

Anyway, I have a plan to bring him to a specialist again when we have the means to do so as soon as possible.

As of now, our family is in tight bond of prayers for his healing. I believe that God is now working on it and soon, he will be in normal state again.

He has urinary disorder, just so you know. Despite being sick, he still manages (yes, until now) to work and earn for his family which I really appreciate.

That is what you call fatherly courage, perseverance and love for the family he and mom has established 23 years ago.

He made my year and he is awesome. Thanks, Pa.


Just recently, my sister passed the CPA board exams. We feel victorious for our youngest’ success! I know that she has worked hard for her dreams and now, she’s reaping the fruits of all her perseverance; out of her blood and sweat, stress and pressure.

Since she was a grader, it’s always been her dream to work in a bank or yeah, be an accountant; anything that is related to finances. Now she is starting to live her dreams and treading the way to more successes!


My uncle Don, auntie Fe and auntie Dhel are the ones whom i also truly love. I’ve been with them for 8 consecutive years when i was in high school and college in Legazpi city. They really helped me a lot and they are undeniably crucial to me.

Whenever i come to Pawa for a quick vacation, they always make me feel so welcomed and loved. They prepare the dishes that i like, share stories that i missed while i’m gone, etcetera.

They are my backups and just like my mom, dad and sister, they are always going to be part of this list. Call it by default.

The list will not be complete as well without mentioning the names of these people who inspired me in one way or another.

My Ate Lhyne (I am more comfortable calling her ate Nene by the way) who works outside the country. With her kind heart, I wish her all the happiness that she really deserves.

I have an uncle whose hobbies are quite similar to mine. We call him Tito Jojo and his captures are beyond praiseworthy! Thanks for all the photography tips and ebooks you’ve shared to me! Hehe.


Life will never be complete without these people we call friends. They are the ones whom we are almost always with, in stupidity and laughter; in adventures and fun.

I met a lot of new friends this year! Some of them are people that I have met even before, but still making my year filled with more fun and spices! Haha!

To mention a few, they are Marge (who has just recently inspired me to travel more), Lyn (whose temper is sometimes way uncontrollable haha), Anna (a sweet onion-skinned beautiful lady), Lei (whose artistry is admirable, oh thanks for giving me those copies of flicks).

Of course, I won’t forget my friends from our local church in Pawa (the music ministry members Cindy (i hope you find your perfect man!), Mark John (thanks for making me laugh when I am with ya), Gawds, Kuya Jo (whose dedication to serving the church is simply outstanding and inspiring), Kuya Win (when do you plan to settle down?), and Ate Chelle (whose voice is a pleasure to my ears, really beautiful) hehe! I may not be seeing these people more often because we’re physically distant from each other, but by just thinking of all the fun and memories we’ve had in the past makes me think that they also did make my year!

A special friend also occupies a space in my heart. Hey, Alizza. Just seeing you happy makes me happy as well. I am so glad that i was able to visit your house and see your pretty face again during my quick vacay in Legazpi. I hope to see you again. You’re still my crush! 🙂

Oh, I said i am just gonna mention a few but i realized that i did a lot. Haha! Forgive me.

To those friends whose names I have not mentioned in here, I am sorry. Please do more memorable things this 2014 so you will be included on the roll next year. Haha. I’m kidding (which is half-meant). Lol. But yeah, you know who you guys are, so thanks!

There are so many other beautiful souls that should be included here. I will update the list once I have the time to do so; once the memory of that certain person ticks me up. Lol.

This entry turned up to be a dedication page. Haha. But seriously, I want to thank you all for making my 2013 more memorable and for inspiring me to make others’ year too!

I can’t thank God enough for blessing me with good people! Beautiful souls, thanks!


Thanks for reading!


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