Well, everyone has his own time, right? I truly believe that things happen for a reason which I know for sure you guys have already heard for the umpteenth time. I am sorry, i can’t put it in other better words.

I am twenty-two and I can say that I have already experienced a bunch of setbacks, disappointments and frustrations, but I always choose to value my successes the more, even most of them are self-proclaimed.

Yes, life is a roller-coaster ride, it’s a circus, but most importantly it’s a gift from the divine. And I am thankful; God knows that I am.

What I am saying is we have to think positively, always choose the bright side of things, recognize our strengths and opportunities, and believe in the beauty of our own achievements. Believe me, everything else will fall into places once we let optimism invade our mind, body, and even our very soul.

You have the power to control your mind; not the mind to control you. Take it from Miley Cyrus; she said “we run things, things don’t run we” (should be “us” though).

Listen, some people fall into a tragic destruction of life because they have failed to trust their own selves, to overcome their silly doubts, and most disappointingly, they lack, or worst, lose faith in God.

But people have their own choices and I can’t blame them. After all, our happiness and defeat solely depend on the choices we make and the chances we take.

Choices can either be blessings or traps that may befall us. Decision-making is up to us, and putting them into action is the real road to fruition. So choose well, think well, act well.

So what is my point of writing this?

I just want to convey my message which is, I believe, I have already made clear. We may think that life is unfair, but no, life is fair to those who choose happiness over defeat, contentment and love over greed.

We live because we have a mission to fulfill. As of yet, we may not know what our purpose is; someday we will — or maybe not; but the people around us would.


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