I usually post memorable first time experiences here on my blog and this recent one has no reason for it not to be included. Last Sunday, that was May 4th, I went to PICC alone to attend the THE FEAST. I was so excited that I have almost forgotten brushing my teeth. No, I am just kidding. Haha.

Anyway, yeah, the excitement that i was feeling right then is immeasurable. I was so excited to meet new friends, see one of my favorite authors, Bo Sanchez, but most especially, I was so eager to be soaked up by the word of the Lord and worship Him!

I took the seat at the very left side of the Plenary Hall. I felt really isolated. I do not know anybody yet, errrrr. I really wish to meet new friends there. In fact, I am very interested with joining a Connect Group (that’s what they call it, i am not sure) and participate in their bible study whatsoever. I just do not know where to start, who’s the right person to approach, or maybe I know; I saw their desk after the THE FEAST outside the hall. I was just shy to talk to them. They are total strangers to me and me to them. Haha. Anyway, I will ask them about joining a Connect Group next time.

So yeah. I arrived a bit late. The mass has already started but I didnt feel uneasy because the ushers were so accomodating. I felt welcome. Really.

It was not my first time to be at The PICC. The first time that I had been there was during my sister’s oathtaking as a CPA. I didn’t have a hard time looking for the place. But to be sure, I still googled it. So, i thank you Mr. Google.

After the Holy Mass, there was a praise and worship that took place and a talk that was delivered by Bro. George Gabriel. He is awesome, so engaging and brilliant. He is inspiring. I want to be like him too!

My favorite author, Bo Sanchez, was not there that Sunday. He was in the States attending a conference; something to that effect.

Bro. Gabriel talked about filtering the information that the media, or the world in general, presents to us. This month’s topic was about Pop Culture; how we can find Jesus in contemporary things such as music, movies, the list goes on. The overall title of the theme is #Trending. See, I know it’s poppy-ish.

I got so many insights from his reflections. Each bible verse that pops up on the screen was deeply planted in my heart! There is something about accepting His words fully. I felt loved, valued and blessed by the Lord.

My favorite part was the praise and worship. I love music, there is no doubt about that. I am so happy seeing people from different walks of life gather singing, jumping, dancing, raising their hands to worship Jesus. “This is awesome”, I told myself.

Yes, it really is.

I can’t wait for the next Sunday to come. It’s only Monday but I am already excited to be at the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH again.

Thank You Jesus for this experience. Sublime!!!!! To God be the glory! 🙂






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