Today is a special day for all mothers in the world, and since it is, I have decided to write about my mom.

Collecting all our random conversations before, I came up with her life story: where she is from, her early life, her love life, and other interesting facts about her.


There was once a lowly farmer who lives in a small barrio. He always wakes up so early in the morning so he could immediately start his long day at the farm with his hardworking carabao. Together they plow the field, he plants crops that he could harvest someday and be served on their table, and in some occasions, he is fond of watching kites that freely fly in the sky.

There was once a lovely woman. She was an abaca weaver almost all her life. She used to water the plants at their yard twice a day; at 6am and at 4 in the afternoon.  She cooks for the family, helps her parents in the farm, and weaves abaca as an additional source of income. She can really make a good wife!

Both of them did not finish college, not even high school nor elementary.

They became lovers and eventually married each other before God. They formed a family, continued their lives as a farmer and a weaver. Time passed by and they had eight children; the first six are all girls. The youngest girl is a skinny one, whose wavy hair falls freely down to her tiny shoulders. She looks like her father. She has a long face, blessed with a pair of small, beautiful eyes. Her nose really looks like that of his father too; like that of a Spanish woman. Her name is Estela.



Estela loves reading books when she is in school. She also likes to sing along with those good-vibe songs that are being played on their battery-powered radio. They had no television so she and some of her siblings used to go to their neighbour’s house, which is a few blocks away, just to watch their favourite drama show.

She always goes to school with her sister Delia, the fifth child, which is two years older than her. The school is just near their house so they used to walk the distance away. They go to school wearing their simple uniforms which were outgrown by their older sisters; its colors are almost faded. The white has turned yellowish. They do not have decent shoes so they always wear slippers to school, to church and to the market. These are the same pairs of slippers that they use whenever they help their father in the farm.

When it’s raining, like any other poor kids, she uses dry lotus leaf as her umbrella, to protect her and her uniform, for she will still wear it the following day. Her baon is not a delicious meal in a lunchbox, but a banana or a sweet potato instead; and she is fine with it. She understands what kind of life her family has.

When they are not in school, she helps her mother weave abaca fabric with her sisters.

When she reached the age of maturity, she has decided to work in Manila. She realized that she has no good future in the province with the same kind of life that she has been accustomed to. Her mother does not want her to go but Estela had no fears at all. She was so eager to provide herself a better future.

She went to Manila and lived with her older sister in Pasay City.

Estela knows how to sew clothes so she worked as a tailor in a clothing factory. All her life, she worked with her sewing machine. Her needle and her colourful rolls of thread were the silent witnesses of her hard work and dedication to her occupation as a sewer.

Day in, day out, she spends time with her sewing machine and gets paid twice a month with a minimum wage of a hundred or two back then.


In Manila, life was tough but she struggled so she can earn for herself and provide for her family in Bicol. Every month, she sends a small portion of her salary to her mother.

One fine summer, she went back to Bicol for a vacation. She bought her family a small black-and-white-screen television. Her mother was so happy to see her (and the television) because at last, her younger brothers would not have to go to their neighbour’s house.

When she went back to Manila, she met this young man. His name is Roberto. Their friendship progressed and they eventually became lovers. They were so happy being with each other.

After a couple of years, they decided to get married. The wedding ceremony was held in a church in Legazpi, as requested by Estela’s parents. That was one of the happiest moments of their lives as a couple. Months after the wedding, they went back to Manila to work and start building their own family.

It was three days before 1991, when she gave birth to their first child. They named him Jhonn Robert.


No words can explain how I love my mother. She carried me in her womb for nine months. The pain that she went through in giving birth to me is no joke. She is the best mother in the whole wide world.

She really worked hard just for me and my sister to be raised well. She always makes ends meet. Again, she is really the best mother in the whole wide world.

She still sews clothes until now. That is how hardworking she is.

Except for the few white strands of hair, she does not seem to age!  Her smile is still vibrant; the same smile that my father fell in love with the first time that they met. She is still the source of happiness at home. She will ever be.

This Mother’s day, I want to let the whole world know that I have a very patient, caring, loving and a hardworking mother. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

I am sure that you are blessed with a great mother too!


Mom’s elementary graduation photo. She was 13 years old here.

Join me in this prayer

Father, we thank you for our mothers.

They are undeniably one of the best gifts we receive from You. Thank You for helping them carry us in their womb and for raising us up very well.

Thank You for giving them the strength that they need every day. Thank You for blessing them Your wisdom for it is also through them that we have learned the basics of life.

Please be with them always and give them the best of health. They are our priceless treasures.

Mama Mary, please pray for all the mothers in the world.

Father, we thank and glorify You for giving us our mothers, in Jesus’ name. Amen.



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