I do not know why but i just suddenly decided to write something here, Maybe it’s because I have been so fond of reading books of my favorite authors lately and they have inspired me to write my own masterpiece.

Well, my Sunday had been fine. My sister and I went to church at 8 AM today. We were late because we got out of the house a bit late. Anyway. I still felt so blessed again. (Everyday!). I ate lunch at home. Dad cooked our delicious meal. I watched television for an hour but I got so bored so I decided to leave the house and went to the mall alone.

The girl I am wooing said no to my invitation so I went to the movies alone. The film that I watched added to my sadness. It’s The Fault In Our Stars. One of the protagonists, Augustus H2Os, died and I did not cry just as others did. So shallow. I went home at seven and had dinner with the family. Now, I am up on my bed, writing this piece of article as if somebody is gonna read it aside from my number one fan who happens to be myself.

Tomorrow is the start of another work week and wait, i do not want to dwell on that. The thought of it alone annoys me. Kidding, How I long to be productive and earn some more.

Five days from now, Hillsong United will be staging their Zion Tour here in Manila and I thank the Good Lord for giving me the chance to witness it. I am so sure that that would be a great night of worship. I will really make the best out of this magnificent experience!

Hey my overtly beautiful friends, I guess I need to say good night now. It’s pretty late and I have to wake up early tomorrow. Say 6 AM. I need to be awesome again this week just as what I had been last week. Well, more awesome, I should say.

Always keep in mind that Mama Mary loves you. That Jesus loves you even more. Let us lift all our disappointments, frustrations, envy, anger, contempt, ridicule, fear, doubts, joy, successes, contentment, peace, wisdom and strength to God who is the source of everything that we have in our life right now.

Why not join me in this short and sweet prayer right here?


Here I am. Your beloved stubborn child. Many times I have failed You. Many times I have disobeyed you. I am weak. I easily get tempted. have judged people merely from what my eyes have perceived. I have not been loyal. I am a deserter. I am a disaster. I am unworthy of your love.

Yet, no matter how  dirty, filthy and gross I am, You do still love me. Why are you like that my Lord? You are so kind, I can’t even deal. Jesus, You are amazing. You are truly just and I am so thankful that I have learned to know You. It is a great privilege to know you Jesus. It really is.

Thank you for your unconditional, relentless love. Thank You for dying on the cross for me and for all others.

Help me Lord to always trust in You. I recognize my dependence on You, My Lord. I need you in my life.

Father, I can’t say it any further. I just want to say thank you. In the Name of Jesus, I glorify the Father. In the sweet name of Jesus, I choose to be happy. In Jesus’ name, I am free. Loved. Valued. Blessed.

Good night and God bless us all!


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