Have you gotten to that point when all you have in your head are doubts, questions and fear of an unsecured future?

If you are going to ask me of the same question, my answer would be yes and it’s a lot of yeses! I have doubted, questioned, and kept fears of the unknown future so many times in my life. I guess it is but normal. Yeah?

I currently work as a company secretary slash executive assistant slash administrative assistant. It’s my third job. I just started and so far, I am okay with it except that the pay is lesser than what I used to earn in my previous job. Anyway, let it be. As long as I am earning some, I am thankful.

So what is my very point of writing this article? Nothing crucial, my friend. I just want to talk, or say, write something and strike a conversation with myself here. I love doing soliloquy that others think I am crazy. Maybe, I am.


When I was in grade school, I have always been the subject of bullying. That was tormenting and really affected my confidence. The bullies call me (1) payatot, (2) putol (because I can’t pronounce the letter “S”, “C” and “Z” very well; they think putol ang dila ko) and (3) Bugs Bunny because of my humongous two front teeth.

Because of these, I often find myself afraid of attending my classes. I can’t concentrate well during recitals because I know that these bullies are looking at me, laughing at me, and thinking of me as a talking pencil.

I can clearly remember how mom fought for me and confronted these bully classmates of mine one day. She told them that my father is a policeman (though he’s not) and the guys believed my mom’s lie. She was so powerful that the bullies apologized to me. I have redeemed my kingdom (haha). I have regained my confidence then.

Ten years have passed and sometimes, I see these bullies but they’re nice to me now. We are all grown-ups and they no longer call me payatot (though i still am), putol nor Bugs Bunny. They call me by my name and heck, my name sounds good. Modesty aside, I am more successful than these bullies now. Again, I have redeemed myself.

From a boy who is as thin as a pencil, I am now as thin as a bamboo wood. See how I have improved. From a boy who can’t pronounce the letters S, C and Z correctly, I am now a public speaker, had been part of debate parties back in college, became a host in some occasions. From a boy who the bullies call Bugs Bunny, I am now called by my own beautiful name though my two front teeth are still overtly proud of themselves.

Imperfections are our perfections. We were created the way we were because God thinks it’s the best for us. We were his masterpieces and we do deserve praises, maybe not from the world, but even from ourselves.

Try to look in the mirror and you will see how beautiful or handsome you are, my friend. You may have frizzy hair, eyes that are as big as a car’s wheel and a nose that can sneeze a gallon of you-know-what, you are still perfect in God’s eyes because He made you.

We are our own standards of perfection.

Thank You God for creating me this way. I am proud of my built. I am proud of my height ( I am 5’9” by the way, but i do not play basketball). I am proud of my jiggyjaggy teeth. I am proud of my nose that can be considered a fast-paced-booger-factory. I am proud of my whole self.

Psalm 139:14

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well”.


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