(Originally posted in February, 2014) It was last week when my friends and I went to Matabungkay beach in Batangas City. We were on the road for almost 5 hours going there and just like any rides, it was tedious but when we reached our destination it was a relief to have my feet touch the pine sand of the beach again. image

So you may be asking yourself now what makes this experience unforgettable and extraordinary. Well, it is primarily because I have done something that I never did expect myself to do! I will tell you more about it later on. At 6 am, we haven’t had our breakfast yet, nor sipped even just a cup of coffee, we went for a walk along the shore. It was so relaxing and the gushes of wind that go against my skin is simply emancipating! I felt freedom for a moment; i felt solitude and peace. The sound of mild waves seemed to perfect the balance of ecology between man and nature. It’s fashionably amazing!


We saw this empty bottle of wine along the shore! image

The beach and the floating bamboo cottages at dawn. I asked a local how much it would be to rent one and she said it’s for P500.00; I just don’t know for how long you can stay there. image image image image image image image image

It does look delicious huh, but it isn’t edible! image

So here is what I am going to tell you which still excites me until now; i still feel the butterflies in my stomach while I am writing this; while I am recounting the dreadful, yet fun experience!


For one full hour, we rented a motorboat for P600.00. Tons of doubts and worst-case-scenario-thoughts embraced my mind. I may have been watching too much end-of-the-world-movies lately, I guess. Haha! I can’t help but overthink things! I just prayed to God that we may be safe and remain afloat all the time! image image image

I was thinking not to go down but my friends were encouraging me. I didn’t stay away from the arms of the boat. I was so afraid to let go of the boat and of my life. I do not want to die in the water!

image Haha. I am more effeminate than my friends! Lol! I tried to conquer my fears but no, I didn’t take it, it seems like I was in an ordeal unknown to man.

image Look at these girls! They are like 6 meters away from where I am. In this photo, they were standing on an enormous coral reef/rock! I wish I have the same kind of valor that they possess! imageimage image

Real abyss!

image I will never forget this experience and sad to say, I will not do it again. After the ride, snorkeling and all that stuff, we went back to the shore and took a walk again before we leave and go back to Manila.

image Here are some interesting scenes I captured while strolling along the quiet shore. image image image image image image

I am looking forward to experience more adventures soon! Thank you for reading!


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