Since it is a sweet Saturday, I want to write about my 5 Christian women crushes. I know that I sound silly writing about this topic, so please forgive me. We must be forgiving anyway (remember Matthew 6:14)

Taya Smith

The first time that I heard her voice, I felt like I already met the woman that God has set for me. Haha! I even posted that moment on my Instagram account.

It is impossible for me to date this girl because first, she is in Australia and I am here in the Philippines. Second to this, she currently has a boyfriend and as a Christian, I do not like to meddle in their relationship. </3

I already met her, just from afar though. Yes, I am talking about an Upper Box B seat.


Kari Jobe

Hail, my life. I have a huge crush on this Kari girl. But the thing is she is about to get married in less than a month. There is no choice but for me to be happy for her and Cody Carnes. Haha! I still love you though, Kari!



She does not lead the worship nor sings Christian songs much often but I know that she is a believer. My friends know how much I love Juris. I am a “fan” of her music. Her voice is like a glimpse of heaven.

Juris has already tied the knot back in 2011. Now, please tell me how to fix a broken heart. </3

Juris @ 19 East 01.17 (74)

Hayley Williams

This rocking pretty chick is every music man’s crush, I guess. Haha! I like her because she is a box full of surprises whenever she performs!

In one of her previous interviews, she said that her Christian faith has been a very big part of her life.

She even displayed her Christian faith in their performance of “Let The Flames Begin” in one of their concerts. Go check it out on Youtube.



I was in college when I first heard her song called “Grateful. It goes, “I’m stronger than before, stronger than I’ll ever be. And I raise my eyes to the One; the One who made me see. All what I thought was lost but now is found. And I’m grateful.

One more thing that made me love this girl is her love for God and for Jesus.


So now you know who my crushes are. Haha!

This post does not mean to show mere idolatry. It is actually more of appreciating those people who show their love for God through the talents that He has blessed them with. I hope I was able to get my point across.

(Photos from Google).

Jhonn Robert, 23, is a, well, I actually do not know how to describe myself this time.


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