Would you agree with me if I say that God is dead?

Well, He is dead. He is dead to those who do not believe in Him. He is dead to those who waste their lives in believing that He does not exist.

But for us Christians, we believe that He is alive because He really is!

How I met Him

I grew up in a Catholic family. My parents used to bring my younger sister and I to church every Sunday.

Honestly, I did not love the idea of going to church when I was a kid. I thought it is too boring; such a sleepy part of life. There was one thing though that made me love going to church, and that is the thought of me eating my favorite spaghetti in Jollibee and bringing home great toys.

I used to be that boy whose patience is always short whenever he is in church.

I remember how I immensely annoy my mom when I ask her, “Isn’t the mass over yet?” Then she will stare at me as if I have killed a pig right in front of her.

I was fifteen when I have chosen to establish my faith in Him. I was fifteen when, through the help of my friends, I joined the music ministry of our local church in Legazpi City. There I have learned more about fostering my faith, sharing my God-given talents to the community, and establishing great friendship among my peers

My three years of stay in the ministry has contributed to my growth as a Catholic Christian. My relationship with Jesus has become stronger. And I am happy about it.

In 2011, right after graduating in college, I left the ministry because of my first work based in Manila.

Though I left the ministry and our church, I know that the God whom I am serving is still with me and won’t let go.

Getting back on service

As I was saying, it was in 2011 when I left Legazpi City. From then, I have lived a “passive” Catholic-Christian life. I missed serving the church and its people. I missed singing for God, for Jesus.

While here in Manila, I looked for a church where I can serve again through music. I found none. It’s either their doors are closed or it was just myself who thought that they are closed. I felt like there were no open doors.

Some of my friends attend a Christian fellowship. They invited me over in one of their worship sessions. Man, it was spectacular! The way they praise and worship the Lord is awesome. It isn’t boring. It isn’t filled with “imposed” long prayers. It’s really different from what I have been accustomed to.

With all enthusiasm, I attended their church for, like, 4 Sundays.

But guilt embraced me. I felt like I have abandoned a part of myself.

So I asked God that He bless me with a Catholic community where I can serve Him again. And poof, He just did. Through Kerygma Magazine, the leading Catholic Printed Media in the country, and through Bo Sanchez’s books, I believe that He led me to the Feast.

I started attending the Feast (PICC) in April. And a few months later, they had a ministry fair. God opened a new door for me. I strongly believe that He has called me to serve Him again. I said YES to his invitation (but logically speaking, since it’s actually my prayer, He’s the one who said YES to me).

It was in September when I entered the Music Ministry of Feast PICC. And sometimes, I can’t fathom how great our God is! Our God is a God who answers prayers. Our God is a God who opens great doors.

“I will sing forever of Your love, oh Lord.

I will celebrate the wonder of Your Name.”


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