If I would describe the year twenty fourteen in just a word, it’s going to be “AWESOME”.

That WAS the year when I learned more about life; when I realized that to live simply is to live happily. Twenty fourteen WAS the year when I chose to establish a firm relationship with my Savior and I am so happy that I made the right decision to spend the rest of my life in His love.

Furthermore 2014 has taught me to be wiser, be more mature, and resolute.

Tons of blessings poured out this 2014 and because I have been so blessed, I’ve decided to spend my birthday (28th of December) with those whom I usually ignore in my daily life.

Let me introduce you to them.

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THE TRAVELING FAMILY. A father pushes his cart along the street of A. Bonifacio Avenue.

With him is his family. I saw his two children inside the cart; both are girls. The older one is 5 and the other one is just a year old. His wife is also inside the cart, fast asleep. When I gave him the simple gift I sensed how surprised, happy and thankful he was.

May the Lord continue to bless them, take care of them, and provide for them.

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ALING CORING. You may have already seen her slowly walking around the famous Rizal Park in Manila. She sells picnic mats there. She is one perky woman and she’s got a lot of stories to tell.

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MERLYN AND JAMELA. I found these two sweet lasses walking along the busy streets of Manila, near the LRT Central Terminal. They look so happy with their gift!

Are you wondering why Jamela is bald? Well, to get rid of lice (i felt a sudden itch on my head as I was typing these words, ha ha!). Nevertheless, Merlyn’s smile makes this photo adorable!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

THE BRIDGE KID. John-John is a very shy street kid who begs for alms along the sidewalks of Caloocan City.

I am glad that I got the chance to spend my special day with them. I am certain that what I have given isn’t that huge, yet my heart is overflowing with joy because I know in my heart that somehow, I made these people happy. I may not have taught them how to fish that they may live for a lifetime, at least I was able to give them something to eat for a day or two and the thought of it makes me happy. I encourage you to do the same, or even more!

I did not post it here to receive praises nor affirmations from people, but simply to encourage everyone to give if they are able to (Acts 3:6). And yes, I am fully aware of what Matthew 6:4 does say.

Life is best lived when it is shared. It is more meaningful  when it is being opened to people, to moments, happiness, and even hurt or pain. They are all the same anyway. They are all experiences which would eventually consist our essence as human.

Thank You God for a blessed 2014.

Thank You God for being with me all the way.

You never left me all alone, in good and in tough times. BAKIT GANON KA LORD? Ang bait mo sa’kin! 

You are truly amazing God and I direct all the glory to You!

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” – William Barclay


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