One of my goals this new year is to try my best to write daily, at least here on my blog. I still have a journal by the way (not your typical 24 year old man okay?!).

As early as now, I can feel that this year is going to be busy and big yet I will still try to write and post more so when December 31st of 2015 comes, I’ll have something to look back to!

So we’ve got two days left and we’re about to get back to the grind. It has been a long break, yes? I totally enjoyed it.

Just a little background, okay? It is my first time to experience a two-week Christmas break! I have not experienced this kind when I was still working in a private company. For how long? For three years! I am thankful!

I can say that I am ready to go back to work. There is no way that I’d be feeling lazy this year.

This 2015, my tagline will be: Expand. Go. Pursue.


EXPAND. – I am going out there. I will have fun. I will make new friends. I am gonna open my life to people. I’ll establish more connections and good relationships.

GO. – I will take more adventures with friends. I am gonna visit new places and capture more photos!

PURSUE. –  I need to achieve my goals – personal development, career, financial matters, and spiritual maturity.

I am feeling positive that I would be able to do these things because I know for certain that God is going to help me.

Psalms 54:4 – Behold, God is my helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul.

Whatever my plans are, I surrender everything to the God who holds my world. The God who knows better than I do. The God who creates very good pathways for me; pathways towards a glorious victory.

Isaiah 55:9 For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.

Waking up feeling so loved this morning, I made a cover of Hillsong’s I DESIRE JESUS. This is also my first cover for this year, not minding the fact that I am still on my bed when I recorded it (and have not brushed my teeth yet, ha ha!)

I desire Jesus
Precious Lamb
Who ransomed me
Upon the cross
He took my sin
By His blood
He set me free

I desire Jesus
Oh His Name
My soul esteem
For upon
His thorn-scarred brow
Is the crown of victory

He is worthy of all honour
All glory to His Name
He alone deserves
Our highest praise
And forever He will reign

I desire Jesus
Triumphant One
The earth awaits
For on that day
The earth will shine
With the glory of Your Name

You are worthy of all honour
All glory to Your Name
You alone deserve
Our highest praise
And forever You will reign

You are all glorious
You are all glorious
My heart leans in
My soul must sing
You are all glorious

You are worthy of all honour
All glory to Your Name
You alone deserve
Our highest praise
And forever You will reign


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