As the world may have probably said, time flies too fast. Let it be.

Today I want to write about some memorable moments that I had within the past few weeks. No, i did not audition for Pinoy Big Brother nor The Voice of the Philippines. That’s not just my type.

Anyway, I want to talk about a nerve-wracking yet very fun experience last February 22, Sunday. My friend Ria and I went to ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network because we were the guests on a Catholic radio show called “Salitang Buhay”. It was aired on TV, DZMM and The Filipino Channel. That was surreal.


With the hosts of Salitang Buhay, Author Ms. Ilsa Reyes, Fr. Bel San Luis, SVD and Fr. Jerome Marquez, SVD. The awesome woman beside me is my friend Ria. She has a very beautiful voice; such a nightingale! We sang “The Prayer” and Hillsong’s “With All I AM”.


While waiting for our time to be on air, Ms. Gretchen Fullido is doing her showbusiness news program. Of course, I was not able to refrain myself from having a photo with her.

HAHAHA! Sorry for being too narcissistic. This is my first time to be on a national radio show. DZMM pa and TFC. I just can’t believe it. Needless to say, this is not to exalt my name or whatsoever. I agreed to sing with my friend because I want to glorify the God who has given me the gift of music. Praise God!


Yeah right! We live to worship!

 As I have said earlier, I have been so busy with my life these days. Aside from my regular work in the government on weekdays, I also spend a big chunk of my time in church on Sundays. Wow. The first Sunday of Servanthood 101, a formation activity for new sign-ups, started on March 7.

Sometimes I can’t believe how God uses me in building his church. I am not worthy but still He called me to serve with Him. How great is our God!

What else?

I can’t think of anything more to write about.  And because of that, I’ll go now and have dinner with my family. So long.


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