Today is Araw ng Kagitingan or Day of Valor. It’s a non-work holiday. I am just home so I decided to do something that is productive, at least for me.

It is a fact that I love writing. Yes, from non-sense stuff to something that is profound. But most of the time, it’s the former.

I have been keeping a journal since I was in high school. I know that is some sort of a girly stuff but i do not actually care. Writing keeps me sane; it gives me a different kind of joy.

Last year, I had the chance (and the guts) to check back on my old stuff in Legazp City. I was able to gather 15 notebooks — my journals. I reread some of my entries and I could not stop from laughing. Ha! Ha!

So, why write? I will give you 5 reasons why!


When you write, your senses get activated in the most subtle way.

I do not know how they call it in Psychology, but in my case, there are times that I can actually smell, feel, taste, see, and hear whatever it is that I am writing about. It sounds magical to me. Ha ha.

I visited a leisure park in Tagaytay last Monday. A part of me felt like I was a child again.

As I write about it, I could feel the grass as I step on them; smell the fresh air that dances around me, and hear the chirping of the birds and the melody that the trees’ leaves create.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


For me, writing is a reflection of your well-being.

You write because you can. You write because a part of your brain tells you to. You write because you have something to tell the world.


Writing can move you. And in this context, what I meant with MOVE YOU is that it can take you to different places. Yes, just like in reading.

I believe that when I write about Italy, Boracay, or EDSA, I can get into that place without making a step. This is how powerful writing is.



Writers are ALWAYS young and free.

We’re young because we have the time to write about our emotions, our opinion, or whatever it is that we want to write about. We are powerful, inspired, and yeah, we’re young. Ha! Ha!

Furthermore, writing symbolizes freedom or in a deeper sense, independence!


Our mind cannot store memories forever, unless you are a robot powered by a microchip.

We need to write down those moments that we find precious and unforgettable. Grab a notebook and a pen! Write whatever that happened on a certain day. Note down whatever it is that made you happy, sad or angry.

I assure that once you get back to your writings, you’ll definitely feel so good! An avalanche of memories, whether good or bad, will rush back in. It will make you feel nostalgic but it is okay. Sometimes, nostalgia is a way of escaping the world; a way to destress.


This is a page in one of my journals. I wrote this when I was in my fourth year of college. I was so stressed back then because our thesis defense is getting near and I am not yet finished with my final manuscript. Lol. (2011)

You need not to be a professional writer nor a grammar nazi for you to be considered a writer.

We are all writers, basically because we know how to write.

It does not matter what hand we are using as we write or what language we use. The most important thing is we write, not to impress but to express (there goes the cliche).

So just write. I know that you have stories to tell; stories that are worthy to be heard.


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