Grand Easter Feast: Mercy FULL 2016

O praise the name of the Lord, our God. O praise His name forevermore! For endless days, we will sing Your praise! O Lord, o Lord our God!” – O Praise the Name by Hillsong Worship

MOA Arena. This is the place where the resurrection of Christ was celebrated; where God was worshipped and where His name was exaulted by thousands of Catholics. (Light of Jesus)

It was my second time to attend the Light of Jesus’ Grand Easter Feast at the MOA Arena. My first one was last year, the “GEF: May Forever”.

I really looked forward to this day because I know that God will speak to me again in a very special way. And true to my expectation, he did not fail me. He spoke to me. He told that me I am forgiven. He told me, “yes my son, you are set free. I am here now. I am risen. Rise up and take up your matt”. 

You may think that I am exaaggerating. Maybe I am. But you know what, ganun naman talaga aga ang pagmamahal ni Lord. EXAGGERATED talaga!

The Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Joel Jason and Fr. Mario Sobrajuanite.

The mercy of God is restorative, not vindictive. – Fr. Joel Jason

After the Holy Mass were powerful talks from Feast Builders Bro. Monching Bueno, Bro. Arun Gogna, the brainchild of the Light of Jesus, Bro. Bo Sanchez and Fr. Bob McCognaghy. 

Couch talk with Fr. Bob and Bro. Bo Sanchez

For sure, many left the venue with healed hearts, purified souls and changed lives.

I am so thankful for Jesus. It is through Him that we hope; that amidst the struggles we are facing, we still hope for deliverance…that in our sinfulness, God gave his only begotten Son so we may have eternal life. Ang sweet mo, Lord. Salamat sa pagmamahal mo! 

The Grand Easter Feast ended with a powerful worship. 


I just loved how His people sang together to praise and worship Him. I had goosebumps when the instruments fade out and it’s just the voice of the congregation that’s left resounding in the arena. It was awesome.  

I believe God was there. Jesus was there. The spirit of the Lord was there. 

The next grand event that I look forward to is the annual Kerygma Conference in November. And yes, I already got my registration code.

Thank You Jesus, You set me free; Christ my Saviour, You rescued me. – Thank You Jesus by Hillsong Worship


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  1. Sooo true Bro!! I was so broken before the event started. God was really there and He spoke to me. I am the person with overflowing mercy . Halos mapaluhod ako when Bro Bo Sanchez mentioned it! Prasie God!!! 🙂 I cried during the talk several times. It’s no longer pain that makes me cry. It’s God’s amazing love.


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