Album Review: Youth Revival (Hillsong Y&F)

I’m lifting you higher, higher
There’s nothing that I’d rather do
A sweet elevation of praises
There’s no one I love more than You

The Hillsong Church-based youth group released its second album called Youth Revival last February and I can truly say that it’s awesome. The youthful vibe is assured, the presence of God can be felt!

The first single is “Where You Are”. The first time I heard it, i thought it kinda sounds like a song from One Direction. I am sorry for that comparison. Nevertheless,  I instantly fell in love with the song and I like dancing into it. Ha! Ha!

Here are my 5 favorite songs from the album (in no particular order).


Where You Are

Just hearing the intro beat of this song makes my head nod (smh lol). But yes, it’s awesome.

What I love about the song is the core message which is acknowledging and appreciating the love that only God can give to us no matter how undeserving we are. It says that wherever we go, God will always finds its way to be with  us and surprise us with His love and grace.

Aodhan’s voice is a good plus, of course!

My favorite line in the song:

And after all this time with You by my side
I can’t imagine what it’d be like on my own

Real Love

Well, this is the most perfect jump-to-song!

Every time I hear it, I always get reminded of John 3:16 which I believe is the most beautiful representation of real love.

I know how to do the Paphammer dance!\

Here’s my favorite line in the song:

You’re pulling me closer and closer
Holding my heart till the very end
Jesus, I’m found in your freedom
This is real love, this is real love

Only Wanna Sing


I tried to sing it but whenever I get to the chorus, I always end up being disappointed. Ha! Ha! The first note of the chorus is out of this world. Aaaaaaaayyy only wanna sing lol.

But seriously, this song says a lot. I love the first few lines:

This is no performance
Lord I pray it’s worship
Empty words I can’t afford

I’m not chasing feelings
That’s not why I’m singing
You’re the reason for my song


Falling Into You

We all know how sweet and beautiful Melodie’s voice is! Off from the group’s first album, she got me when she sang Back to Life and Lifeline. And in this new album, she does it again with the song Falling Into You.

The rush I’ve felt in the free-fall
As I lost control of my life
Jesus, I’ve found that
You’ve always had me
Your love is never in doubt

My first impression of the song is that it has an old pop sound. I do not know why. Ha! Ha! But it’s awesome.

Never Alone

Yes, I agree with you. This is the most powerful song in the album. Tracy Lee Pratt’s voice is out of this world!!!!!!! Is she the next Taya Smith?


Oh by the way, she looks so pretty in that photo from Sisterhood-Colour Conference! Okay, okay. Forgive me. I just have a crush on her. Lol!

So going back to the song, it moves me everytime I listen to it.

Though my world may fall and fail
You alone are sovereign still
Constant in my trial
On the Earth Your kingdom reign
All creation brings You praise
Jesus You are Life
Your name lifted high

Overall, this album is one for the books!

I can’t wait to worship Jesus with Hillsong Young and Free tomorrow! Youth Revival is going to be at the Araneta Coliseum. Are you going? Let’s sing and dance the night away!

PS. I wish Taya Smith is still with Y&F too. Haha!


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