There are days when worry take over my life in a very dramatic way, as if the entire world is my concern.

There are days when I forget to remember the great power of prayer just because i get so overwhelmed with worries and fears. 

Just yesterday, I had an encounter that made me realize (for the nth time) that worrying does not help at all. It was work-related so i opt not to discuss it here. 

Instead of drowning myself in the thought of that worry, I will focus on the three lessons that I learned from it.

First, it reminded me to talk to God.

When everything is easy and comfortable, there is always a tendency for me to disregard talking to Him.

Why pray when I am comfortable? Why do I have to talk to God when everything is going well?

Such were my thoughts. Kaya minsan okay din pala mag-worry lalo na kung it teaches you to pray for your situation to change. 

Second, worrying taught me to trust him fully. 

The book called Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren has taught me that to trust is to worship… that the act of total surrender pleases God. 

From having a troubled soul and a disturbed mind, I switched my focus into the idea of trusting God for His greater plan to take over.
I kept on telling myself, “God is with me and I will continue to trust Him like a child. Have Your way.”

Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.”

Third, it made me realize to love myself even more. 

Worrying too much affects our health. 

According to a health website: Worrying can have a negative effect on your health, making you tired, stressed, speed up the ageing process and sometimes more prone to depression. When you worry, your body responds to your anxiety the same way it would react to physical danger. 

So one way to love myself is to refrain from worrying. So I told myself that day that i won’t worry because God told me that He loves me. Therefore, I also have to love myself and everything that I have been given. 


Father, thank You for the gift of life.

When worry takes my joy and peace away, i ask Your holy spirit to change the way I see things.

Help me to trust in You completely.

Continue to have Your way in me, in Jesus’ name. Amen.



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