Bumper to bumper. Grace to grace. 

Traffic jams.

We know what it’s all about. Congested roads. Bumber to bumper. Hot-headed drivers. And worshippers. 

Yes, worshippers. 

I believe that we can find God and communicate with Him while we’re stuck in traffic.

How? Here are a few tips that I, myself, do whenever I get caught up in traffic. 

Listen to worship songs

While worship is not just all about listening and singing songs of praise and adoration, “Jesus” songs really make a difference in my attitude and perspective. Instead of cursing the drivers, the government, or the rain (in some cases), I shift my attention into a having a moment of worship. (While writing this, HS United’s Touch The Sky is playing and it makes me happy).

I remember, one time i was onboard a bus heading to The Fort. I was so worried because i’m already late for work.

And so, I plugged my earphones and pressed “play” — tadaah, it’s “Cornerstone”.

Christ alone, cornerstone / weak made strong in the saviour’s love / through the storm, he is lord / Lord of all.

 I was leaning in to every word of the song and focusing all my attention to Jesus until I found myself raising my right hand in praise. I saw how some passengers looked at me and they were like, “hala, ano nangyari kay kuya?”.
I kinda felt embarassed so what I did was I immediately held the safety handrails above me. 

Worship is powerful. It moves our soul and our heart (and in this case, parts of our bodies in the most unexpected place to worship haha).

Our act of worshipping God is available anywhere, anytime. Why? Because God is everywhere and we can communicate with him anytime of the day. 

Write Jesus a love letter

I love keeping a journal. I’ve been practicing this since i was in high school.

When I’m stuck in traffic, i sometimes grab my phone and compose a “love letter” to Jesus. It is through this that I get to talk to him directly. 

My friend, you can also do the same. Write him a letter, express how thankful you are, your disappointments, etc.

One day you’ll look back to your writings and you will realize how God moved in your life. 

PS: Do not write while you’re driving. Talk to him instead.

Evaluate your day

While stuck in traffic, i, sometimes, take the chance to evaluate how my day at work has been.

Here are my common questions:

1. Was I able to glorify Him in my actions today?

2. Have i become a blessing to the people around me? 

3. Was I able to radiate His love today?

You may come up with your own questions. You can even ask yourself, “how are you, myself?”.


There is beauty in being stuck in traffic. It gives us a chance to pause, relax, meditate, reflect, pray, and worship God as if everything is alright.

My friend, the next time that you worry because of heavy traffic in EDSA or anywhere else, that is  your chance to pray and think about God’s blessings for you.


Father, thank you for your presence. May we always feel you spirit even when we’re clouded with worries and fears. We believe, Lord, that you are just one worship away. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 


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