Trust the Process of Building

This is the view that I always see whenever I pass by A. Bonifacio Avenue on my way home. It is an on-going construction of a skyway connecting the South Luzon Expressway with the North Luzon Expressway from Buendia to Balintawak.

Everyday, I see progress in this project (which is a good thing)!

At first, it brought chaos — traffic was congested, pollution was everywhere, and there was so much inconvenience, especially for commuters like me.

Tonight, I passed by this certain part of the construction and it made me contemplate about life. Isn’t life like this sometimes?

We are all work in progress. We all go through series of building, demolition, and reconstructing.

In the first phase of the process, we feel discomfort.

We feel pain.

There is anxiety.

We start asking ourselves, “Am I gonna finish this? Am I going to go through it?”

I remember what Mr. Anthony Pangilinan said during his class at the recently concluded Kerygma Conference. He said:

“Getting into trial is not by choice but getting through it well is”.

His statement made me say, “Oo nga no. May choice nga naman tayo to do it well… to finish strong”.

Going back to the construction site, I was stunned to see that more posts are being completed as days pass by. A couple of months ago,  broken debris were all over and these posts were just ugly pieces of metals and cement.

Looking at these posts, which will serve as foundations of the skyway, made me ponder about how God uses events to transform us…. to build our character… to strengthen our faith.

Yes, we get overwhelmed with these trials. We get drained by our struggles. We feel like giving up His strength and giving in to the weakness of the world.

But you know what, I believe that these challenges make us who God wants us to be: a stronger and better version of ourselves.

God is building us. He is reconstructing us everyday.

Let us let Christ to be our foundation; His Word as our weapon.

Years from now, the skyway will be completed. It will be beautiful. It will bless many people. Traffic will be well. It will bring convenience.

We will be beautiful and helpful after every trial that comes our way. All we need to do is to trust the process of building.

There is beauty in fallen debris. There is majesty in ugly metals and dusty cement.

Christ is going to complete us and make us beautiful like Him.

“O afflicted one, storm-tossed, and not comforted, behold, I will set your stones in antimony, And your foundations I will lay in sapphires”. – Isaiah 54:11



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