Throwing it back to 2016: WHAT HAPPENED

I know it’s time to move forward but I would like to look back at what happened last year!

Here we go!

Courageous Living

So, LAST YEAR, I met with Bro. JC Libiran and other participants of the Courageous Project. It was liberating though I was not able to attend the full-length seminar because of conflict in the schedule. Nevertheless, here is something that Bro. JC asked us to do during the meet up.


Looking back to what I put in here, I can say that I have become more Christ-centered and determined (praise God) this 2016.

I started writing my book but I am still stuck after writing two chapters. I still need to work on it.

I think I was also able to spend more time with my family and friends. I went to many places this year (work and leisure). And last but not the least, I found fulfillment in all that I have done this year and peace of the heart especially after my personal retreat last December.

These are some of my courageous buddies – Mars, Gemma, and Melvs. They are Feasters. I met them on Instagram! HAHA!


Serving in church also made my 2016 and I am so happy about it.

Why? Because I prayed for it in 2014, and apparently, God answered my prayer.

One in service with my dear Neos – Madz, Kuya Da, Cath, and Rohanie.
Facilitating Love Someone Today, a formation activity at the Light of Jesus community. I am so happy with what these guys have become! They’re inspiring!

I also appreciate being part of the Gateway Program Batch 2. The learning sessions with some of the best servant leaders at the Feast Bay Area definitely contributed to our growth as  music ministers.

Learning Session with Brother Sir Idol Norman
FBA Gateway Chorus

It is also in 2016 when I was called to serve Him in a way I never imagined.

From being a member of the FBA Chorus (which I prayed for back then), He took me into a new level of service — a mass singer, and then now, a part of the FBA worship team. God is so good and faithful. I am so thankful that He allowed me to partner with Him in this way. He truly answers prayers, even those prayers which seem to be a little odd and awkward. HAHA!

I actually cringe at the thought of me writing about this subject because it makes me a bit uncomfortable. I also feel reserved about posting photos of me singing on stage (because I am not used to posting these kinds of photos on social media HAHA!); but for the sake of telling the world how great my God is, then I’ll go for it. Just this time.

Ang solid din nung service sa Jesus Encounter. First time eh! Grabe yung atmosphere nun!

It was also a blessing to meet those co-servants whom I look up to when I was just an attendee.

I remember telling myself, “Someday, I’ll be with them”. And now, see what the good Lord  is doing!

Memorable din ang service namin sa He Cares Foundation! We led the kids in worship. It was a joyful moment!



Another memorable moment was when Hanie, Cath, Roche, Nino and I were called to serve at the Grand Easter Feast this year. It was truly unexpected. We did not auditioned for this but I believe that it was Him who made it possible.

I pray for more opportunities to serve Him this 2017 — on and off the stage, with or without microphone and lights, more of being unseen as I do His works, and just surrender myself for His greater glory.

Writing a Book

I also started writing a book last year. As I have said earlier, I am still in the process of finishing it.


Light Group with Neos

Last year, my Neos family had some Light Group sessions.

Everytime we gather, we always feel blessed and inspired by each other’s stories. I pray that we would have more LGs together.

Wearing the hat that Jenny gave to me as a birthday present
My sisters in Christ
Neos: Kuya Da, Nurse Glay, Hanie, Lory, and myself

A memorable experience with my Neos friends is our special LG with Fr. Bob McConaghy. It was a liberating experience! Oh, God bless Fr. Bob!



Read more about our LG with Fr. Bob here: LG with Fr. Bob M.

This 2017, I plan to sign up to an all-brothers light group!


I remember how intense my longing was to visit Caleruega last year.

When I got there, I was truly fascinated by its beauty. The place is so peaceful!

Neos went to Tinipak River, Rizal, sometime in February 2016. It was so fun! It was our first time to do an adventure as a group!


Together with my officemates, we went to Anvaya Cove for our Summer Outing / Team Building. It was fun!

I also went to Bohol and Cebu with my sister.

You can read more of my Bohol and Cebu experience here: Exploring Cebu and Bohol

Attended other Feasts

It was also this year when my bestfriend Cath and I attended Feast Makati for the first time!


Visited Museums

Last year, I also visited two of the country’s famous museums — Pinto Art and Bencab!

Pinto Art Museum

We also visited National Museum this year when my cousin ate Bing went to Manila.



When I visited the National Museum for the very first time back in 2014, I learned to appreciate the art of appreciating works of art. Since then, I became interested in going to museums.

Art is awesome!


I’m still working in the government. It’s been 2 years already.

Despite some issues and challenges, I can say that I’ve done well at work last year! God helped me through it all and I can’t thank Him enough!

I remember this moment when we were on our way back to Manila after our event in Tagaytay. I was so tired when I saw this van with His message on it:

God’s presence is everywhere!

Worth it din ang sleepless nights at maraming stress!

This year, I received the Outstanding Technical Employee award. Sometimes, I doubt why this award was given to me, but more than doubting, I would like to believe that this is something that I deserve! So praise God na lang talaga!

Hello, work! I am ready for 2017!


Last year, I only went to one concert and it’s a worship concert pa. Yes, it’s Hillsong Young and Free!

It was a dream come true for me!

Grabbed this photo from their IG. I decided not to capture photos during the concert. Busy sa pagsayaw, headbang, at worship. Haha!

This 2017, I am looking forward to attending Worship Night with Bethel Music in March. Yay! I am so excited!


Coming back to my hometown is also a great experience, especially that I got to see my beloved Auntie Fe and Uncle Don, and the kids!

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Moment in Quitinday Hills in Camalig, Albay
Uncle Don and Auntie Del wave goodbye as I go back to Manila


I also love those moments when I got to bond with my friends from Bicol.

And also with some friends from the LOJ community:



The Purpose Driven Life is probably the best book that I have re-read this year! I got the book from a thrift shop and a 5-dollar bill goes with it.

This was captured by Cath at Max’s (the house that fried chicken built). HAHA!

I have not finished reading the PDL in 2016. But I committed to finish it in 2017. Haha!

Probably the only book that I finished reading this year

On my shelves are books that are waiting for me. I’ll definitely read them all in 2017 (from start to finish). Okay, okay.


It has always been my passion to write songs, poems, essays since high schools but I never did take them seriously.

But this year, I was able to write three non-secular songs. Maybe it was God’s will for me to not just come up with vain literary pieces but also songs that give Him praise and glory —– and who knows — songs that would help people become closer to him.

Lory joined me in looking for an acoustic guitar!

This year, I was able to have my own acoustic guitar which really helped in writing songs! I can’t wait to share my songs with you. By the way, here are their titles and a few lyrics:

King of Grace

You are the King of grace

You’re worthy of all praise

And I lift You High

I will lift my eyes

Though the seasons change

And the oceans rage

You are still the King of grace

You are my God

And I will say forever you’re the king of my  life

I’ll say Jesus you are my guiding light

I’ll take every  breath’s coming from you

’cause you are my God


You’re the God who makes all things new

You refresh me like the morning dew

You taught me how to be brave in this life

Your right hand upholds me


I can still clearly remember that moment when a small voice told me to do something for the benefit of street children. I did not know how I can do this but there is definitely a way! My prayer is that God would speak to me again and tell me what I should do to fulfill this purpose.



Trees have been a big part of my 2016.

I greeted them while walking my way to work.

I took photos of them I find them so photogenic!

They really made me happy last year!


Kcon 2016


Yes! KCon 2016 is the best!

Though I was not able to attend the first two days of the conference, I really got something valuable from it — to MOVE FORWARD.


Birthday Retreat

I went to Baguio again last December for a personal, silent retreat. I definitely love the experience of being alone with myself and God (I was never alone actually., HAHA).


Read more of this experience here: QUALITY TIME ON TOP OF A HILL


Last year was indeed a good one. I can say that twenty-sixteen was a great journey.

These are all worth cherishing!

Yay! Thank you, Lord!


I firmly believe that more beautiful things are going to happen this new year!

God bless us all! 🙂

Thank you for reading.


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