A good start

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So I made a commitment to write a weekly journal on my blog. Wala lang. Para easier mag-recall ng mga moments at the end of the year.

First day of work, masaya naman. Busy agad. Ang dami kasing na-pend na work after the holidays. Pero as I have said, I am up for 2017! I’m ready!

So ano ang nangyari sa first week ng 2017 ko?

I was so excited to go back to service. I prayed for it. Si Lord naman, na-excite din yatang pagsalbihan ko sya, so baka sabi nya, “oh eto, first Feast, mag-serve ka”.

Kahit substitute go lang. Many are called, but few are chosen indeed. Nakakakilig pa kasi kasama ko yung mga paborito kong servants sa Music Ministry (ibang klase si Lord mag-answer ng prayer). Ang gagaling nila!

January 4 • rehearsals sa 8th Note Studios.

Photo from Bro. Armand


MD Gigi was there to teach us with our songs. Ang galing nya!

I remember when I was a choir member sa Legazpi, Albay, (five years ago), I only see her name sa chordsheet ng mga kinakanta namin sa church, and now kasama ko na sya sa service. Ang galing nya at humble. Nakaka-inspire!  😀

January 6 • Gateway General Assembly

It made me sad when I learned that Bro Idol Norman will leave his post as mentor of Gateway Chorus.   But then I realized that instead of being sad, why not be happy for him.

I hope and pray for God to do whatever is best in your life, bro. It was nice learning things about music, commitment, and humility with you!

Gateway Chorus Batches 1, 2, and 3

January 6 • Watched Saving Sally at SM North Edsa with Hanie, the great alto, and Mo, the great traveller.

Contrary to what I expected, this movie is awesome. It may not be perfect (because nothing is perfect except glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme and Jolly Spaghetti), but for a Filipino animated film, it is definitely something that we can be proud of.

Here comes Sunday, January 7 • Day of the Lord!

First service at the Feast for this year! Yehey!

The new series entitled BEST YEAR EVER started last Sunday.

My takeaways:

1. See the future in your present.

2. Paint a beautiful painting of your future.

3. Imagine your desired future and act on it.

God is so good.

Whatever it is that I hope for and dream of, I know that He will always have a better version of it. I surrender everything to You, Lord! 🙏🏼

With my co-servants last Sunday. Ang gagaling at humble nila! 😀
Image by Kuya Armand (thank you!)

After attending and serving two sessions at the Feast, I had lunch with my Neos family — Cath, Madz, and Lory.

We shared stories. We talked about blessings, expectations for this new year, and almost everything that matters to us.

Life is better when you know you have friends who are willing to lend their ears to your stories, right?

Last Sunday, I also received a present from my best friend in Christ, Catherine. I was surprised  when she handed it to me. Akala ko kasi wala na kasi sabi nya hindi nya naman daw love language ang pagreregalo.

Pero actually yung regalo nya speaks about too much love at effort. It’s a notebook that she herself made. Nothing beats that.

Bilhan ko siya ng medal sa Recto na may label na: Best Best Friend Ever. Thank you!

Ah, thank You Father for the first week of 2016! Fifty-one weeks to go and I am sure that this is going to be the best year ever (and the next years too, HAHA!).

Here’s a video of Lory re-enacting our favorite scene from her commercial.



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