Be in the light

/ Week 3 /

This week has been a bit rough. But instead of dwelling on that, I would like to shift my focus on the positive side.

As usual, I enjoyed the walks that I took on my way to work. I made sure that I get to spend some time appreciating God’s works — trees.

There is something about looking at trees. They make me happy. They remind me to be strong no matter what season we are in. It’s weird but I have a feeling that trees have spirits, like us.

January 22 • Sunday

Service at the Feast! It was awesome! Why? Because it was my first time to serve at the Plenary Hall with my best friend in Christ, Catherine.

I like the part when Bro. George Gabriel, one of my favorite preachers and worship leaders, held a lamp in the midst of the dark-pitched hall. It made me realize that in darkness, the light of Jesus will always shine forth.

My takeaways from this Sunday’s talk:

1. Faith without action is dead (from James  2:14-26)

2. Be in the light. Be the light of Jesus.

It made me reflect about how God continously pulls me out of darkness. And when I say “continously”, it means God is so consistent in his aim of bringing redemption in the world. So praise God! 🙂

With co-servants, Sis Tina and Sis Noren. They are so humble! I’m glad to have been called to serve Him with them
Friends from Gateway!
After the Feast, we met with Lory and rode her new car called Neo. Lory has always been such an awesome person!

Thank you, Lord, for this week!

I am so ready and excited for the new week!



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