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This week taught me the value of trusting God.

As I was trying to transfer files from my computer to my iPhone, a notification popped up. It asks: Trust or Don’t Trust?

I have been encountering this notification so many times before, but it was just today that I got to connect this to my faith. And just like any other random messages in this world, this simple mobile phone notification actually makes sense.

From this point, bits of realization started to grow in my mind and in my heart. And I want to share it with you.

Here are two beautiful reasons why we always need to CHOOSE to TRUST Him in every area of our lives.

First, when we TRUST Him, we allow ourselves to be accessed by Him.

You might say, “No, it does not make sense. He created us, so He must have access to us always. He is God anyway”.

Yes, that is a good point.

But, we are people.

Sometimes (in my case, it’s most of the time, haha!), logic and pride take over and sweep our faith away like a tidal wave.

Our decision to trust God is a great vantage point in asking Him to come, fill us up, and do wonders like He always does.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6

Second, when we TRUST him, we grant ourselves access to Him.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. – 1 John 5:14

It all begins with our decision to recognize and accept His Lordship over us….. His sovereignty over all things.

But please do not get me wrong. Our God is not a conditional God. His love for us does not need conditions before He gives it to us.

When He gave His Son to die for the entire humankind, there has not been any condition. He freely gave Jesus. He did not say, give me “this” and I will give you “that”.

As I understand it, it was more of telling us — “I love you. I will bless you.”

However, it does not end there. We must reciprocate it with love, humility, and trust.

Merriam-Webster may disagree, but for me, trust means gratitude. Trusting God is thanking and loving God at the same time.

I believe that once we choose to trust Him, we would be able to access Him and receive His joy — the only kind of joy that does not give us guilt, but real peace.

And because He is a good Father, this access I am talking about does not know boundaries — it’s TOTAL ACCESS! UNLIMITED ACCESS.

When we put our trust in Him, we open ourselves to anything that He wants to do in our lives.

So the next time that we find ourselves losing confidence in achieving our dreams…. when we are bombarded with problems that seem to have no solutions…. or when we are being attacked by the enemy, we must remember that we always have the option to TRUST God who makes, believes, hopes, and endures all things.

We can always trust the God who rights our wrongs…. who straightens the curves….who heals the sick…. and who renews the withered.


I was not feeling well last week. I even took an unexpected day off from work. But praise God, the greatest healer, because I am better now.

I remember, one night I was being attacked (or maybe it was just plain sickness or whatever).

I could not sleep because of non-stop cough and itch in my throat. Breathing normally was a hard thing to do as well.

And then a voice told me to say my prayers and at least try to connect with the Highest Being.

Right there on my bed, I knelt down and talked to God. I listened to a song called Miracles by Bethel Music, and worshipped Him like I’ve never worshipped before.

After that beautiful moment of prayer and worship, my throat has been cleared and the coughing stopped, as if the red traffic light was turned on.

I believe it was Him who made it possible. Praise God!

February 5 | Sunday

New series called “Hurt Attack” started last Sunday.

Here are my takeaways:

  1. We can set ourselves up to be HAPPY.
  2. Hurt people hurt people.
  3. Winners make new mistakes everyday. Losers make the same mistakes everyday.
  4. God rights our wrongs.
  5. Be the salt and light in this world.

After the Feast, I met with Cath and Lory.

It is always a good time when I am with them!

Lory’s aux cable has been installed so it meant carpool karaoke!


This week, I also watched five movies:

  1. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (though I fell asleep at 01:55:00)
  2. The Girl With All The Gifts (9/10) It’s a good movie!!!!!
  3. Captive (Christian film) — It’s about a single mother who’s been struggling with drug addiction, until she was held captive. And in her ordeal, she was able to change the life of the kidnapper through the Purpose Driven Life book which was given to her by a support group leader.
  4. I Am Not Ashamed (Christian film) — This is based on a true story of a young lady called Rachel Scott who was killed during the shooting incident in Columbine High School (1999). Til the moment that she died, she still kept the faith and believed in Jesus. So inspiring!
  5. Let Hope Rise (Christian film) — Probably the third/fourth time that I watched it. Haha!

Through the grace of God, I was also able to finish the “King of Grace” song .

And I declare, I am full again.

I know the drought is over.

You’re powerful, so glorious

I’ll praise Your name forever.

More beautiful memories to make in the coming weeks!


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