Album review: Wonder by United

It’s been a while since I wrote an album review. The last one was about the Youth Revival album of Hillsong Young and Free. 

This time, I am going to write about Hillsong United’s newest album called WONDER. 

If there is one word that would describe this album, it’s going to be FRESH

I think the group intended to have a fresh sound in all their songs in this album.

Some songs are actually Coldplayish. Yay! 

I have a feeling that God is using United to reach those people who are not into traditional worship sound through their new music. 


Yep, the first song in the album, where the album got its title, obviously.

I love the vibe of this song. It is so positive!

Matty Crocker and Taya Smith’s voices make a good music together! 

Whenever I listen to this song, I imagine myself walking in a forest, smiling like crazy, jumping in joy, and clap my hands to the beat of the music.

Here is an acoustic version of this beautiful song:

Shadow Step

Taya’s voice is always on point. She has a way of piercing through the hearts of the people with whatever song she is leading. (As a fan, I am bias). Haha!

I like how the song started — mellow and sweet. 

Light up the way of Your heart / Move me like You do the mountains / Move me like You do the wind / And I’ll chase Your voice through the dark / Fix my eyes on the unexpected / In the wonder of Your shadow-step

And then progresses gradually… then goes mellow again… and gets back on top towards the end! I love the post-chorus part, too! 

Listen to it here:


Aside from Matty’s voice, I also love listening to the back-up vocals in between the lines (oh woo oh woo).

Gone are the days when songs repeat its lyrics over and over again.  I noticed that in the newer songs of United, their songs are richer in words now. So many words! Beautiful words! 😀

I do not know but this song sounds nostalgic to me. 


There is something about this song that makes me tear up. Maybe the melody, the voice of the lead singer, the words.

It teaches me to worship God, just like how the rest of His creation worships Him.

By the way, the album features other music ministers from Hillsong Church. The song lead for this song is Benjamin Hastings (the one who sang Crowns in Hillsong Worship’s Let There Be Light album).


I do not know how to describe this song. Can I just cry? 😭 

Here is a live performance of Splinters and Stones at Hillsong Church:


I like how Jad entered the song in the second verse of the song!

This song is so powerful! (sometimes I think this can be a theme song for a movie).

I feel so loved whenever I listen to this song. Truly, God’s love never fails. ➕ = ❤️

Btw, I like the back up vocal parts somewhere in the chorus.


The message of the song is the message of Christ: LOVE ❤️ 

Aside from Joel Houston, Brooke Ligertwood is also part of the lead vocals in this song. 

My favorite lyrics from the song:

Listen up here:


The first time that I heard this song, I thought it was Justin Bieber who sang the first line. 

The song itself actually sounds like Justin’s. Haha! 

Kidding aside, I find the song so pure in worshipping and adoring Jesus. All the songs! 🙂


Definitely one of my favorite songs from the album! 

I have a feeling that this will be my daily song. Not today, Satan! Not in my lifetime! I will crush your head, Satan, through my Jesus! 

The song is a powerful declaration of Jesus’ authority and power over one’s life. 

The melody is so catchy!


A new voice in United’s album is Michelle Cook who sang Life.

Photo from Instagram of Rebeka Up

I like the quality of her voice. It’s so soulful and it fits what the song requires. 

The song does not just boast of a beautiful voice, but simple yet moving lyrics. 

There are two more songs in the album that I haven’t listened to yet: Rain/Reign and Water to Wine.

Overall, the album is a gift God! I am thankful to the songwriters of Hillsong United for sharing the love of Christ through their songs. 

Now I am inspired to write songs too!



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